Bee on Daisy
Bee on Daisy

We Do Bees Another Way

One of the greatest threats to the health and wellbeing of bees is the way we keep them.
Many of the tried and true practices of conventional beekeeping are now known to be harmful to their very survival. We need to find new ways of being with bees that is productive and healthful, for us and for our bees. Conventional beekeeping has created genetic bottlenecks, weak bees, and deadly bee pests. For the past 15 years, A small but growing group of bee lovers have been keeping bees “another way”–taking a radical turn from conventional beekeeping standard practices. Simply put, we keep our bees as close to their wild nature as possible. The Preservation Beekeeping Council (PBC) is a nonprofit organization with a two-fold mission: We teach sustainable, bee-centered methods of tending bees. We are also deeply engaged in promoting new and innovative ways of “beeing.”

Going Deeper Into The Bee’s World

Years ago, Norwegian philosopher Arne Ness coined the now-famous phrase “deep ecology” to describe a process that incorporated not only science but heart and soul into ecological understanding and action. We believe the time has come for “deep bee-ing”. “Deep Bee-ing” is a choice to go deeper with bees and their care and preservation. What PBC promotes is more than a set of practices. While our practices set the foundation for how we work with bees in our care, Deep Bee-ing asks us to settle into the heart and soul of the superorganism, taking into consideration the relational, and for some, spiritual aspects of being with bees. We are discovering that many people want to interact with bees, but do not want to become keepers of hives.

PBC embraces all who love bees—keepers and bee enthusiasts alike. Our projects extend from keeping new-style, bee-friendly hives, to teaching people how to create bee gardens, to helping citizens and businesses create unmanaged bee habits in yards and forests. PBC is also engaged in establishing “Bee Cities,” a national certification for cities engaged in improving the health and survival of honeybees.We offer our work through international outreach programs, school education, workshops, classes, conferences, written materials, discussion groups, books authored by our members, and digital teaching tools.

How To Learn More

This site is also the home site for our Preservation Beekeeping Club in SouthWest Washington. We offer classes, retreats, special events, and mentoring to new beekeepers. And we are innovating all the time with hive styles and methods of working with our bees. We welcome you to join us in exploring “what bees want.”