Viral Bees!
Climbing down with my precious bundle...

Viral Bees!

Who would have thought that 40,000 folks would find this little video we did so amazing. I thought everyone caught swarms like this? I share this because I really wanted to show how unaggressive bees can be. Yes, there are the swarms that are “stingy,” but for the most part, they are full of honey, and very gentle. I’d so like to counter the media hype about dangerous “killer” bees. People are far too frightened of bees, and with little reason. Here at PBC, we try to spread the truth about bees: About their gentleness, generosity, and great importance to us and to the entire plant world. And we try to educate new beekeepers in methods of keeping bees that are bee-friendly. Perhaps this little video, now being shared world-wide, will help us spread that message!

You can see the video HERE

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