Our projects for 2019 adhere to our mission of making a difference close to home:

  • We will be finalizing our Bee City USA project with the City of Camas, and will be committing to the first yearly project for Camas as it steps up into its new role as pollinator guardian. We’re not quite sure what the Bee City project will be for this year, but are exploring a “sidewalk strip pollinator garden competition” in the local neighborhoods, or a pollinator-themed juried art show for students.
  • Susan and Jacqueline will be publishing a book that outlines our method of beekeeping, and teaches readers how to craft a Preservation Bee Garden for their bees. It will follow along with our two-day bee-mersion class for new beekeepers, and will be a great resource for those who live to0 far away to participate in our classes.
  • We continue our local swarm-rescue of spring bees, matching bees with bee tenders who have taken our classes in Preservation-style Beekeeping.
  • PBC is in the schools this year, offering lectures and advising several senior students on bee-themed senior projects.
  • We are increasing our presence here on our website and blog, and also at our FB page, to provide the newest information on bee husbandry and health for those looking for a kinder, gentler way of “beeing.
  • We’ll also be increasing our participation at local fairs, so keep on the lookout for us!

We focused 2018 on several projects we believe will have lasting positive ramifications. While our website, FB pages , and Instagram have international scope, our projects—like bees in their colonies—are focused close to home territory. In this year, we are proud to say:

  • We updated Camas City Bee Code! Hobby keepers may now keep their bees in any hive style, including skeps and logs. Citizens are not allowed to destroy bee nests, but must have them gently removed and rehomed if necessary. And it is unlawful for keepers to import bees from out of the area and by mail.
  • We have moved ever-closer to get Camas declared a member of Bee City USA. This should be in place by 2019. Bee City USA is a  national certification program in which cities declare themselves friends of pollinators, and create events, projects, and educational offerings that advance the well being of pollinators in their city limits.
  • Our BeeHaven habitat program has enabled us to place 10 bee-friendly hives up on private and public lands. You can read more about this project  HERE.
  • We brought PBC to numerous fairs and events, enabling us to share bee advice and wisdom with the public.


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