A Warre’ box eco-floor beneath one of my skeps.

At our New Year’s meeting, we’ll be showing examples of eco-floors and talking about our use of these important parts of a healthy hive. No matter what hive style you are using, eco-floors maybe and should be installed. I fill mine with mulch from my yard, and they house many, many beneficial creatures that partner with our bees to make a thriving village.

And it’s not too early to start talking about swarm season. It will be here before any of us are ready. This year, we’ll be doing something “completely different.” Come and discuss swarm plans with us. Remember, you must have a current membership in the club to be eligible for our swarm list. We start our year in January, so please head on over to our “join us!” link and…well..join us!

Next month, February, we’ll be doing some crafting: Come and make a paper mache hornet nest to deter yellow jackets next year. I swear by mine.

March, we’re thinking about making bait hives at the club. We’ll all  need them, and it’s fun to craft in good bee company.

Bee Club meets at the Camas Public Library on the 1st Saturday of the month, 10m-noon. And if you are from out of town, join us anyway! We live-stream (and archive) our Bee Club meetings!

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