My “Motel Six” pollinator hotel in the making.

Our plans for this meeting

Howdy, all beeloveds! This month after our meeting, we’ll be constructing pollinator hotels, just in time to support the first native pollinator hatchlings, and give them some place to lay their eggs.

Please bring along any hollow stems, sheets of parchment paper, bamboo, small round logs, cleaned out tin cans, and moss. For the “hotel” container, you can use an old kitchen cabinet, wood box, or even a straight-sided plant container (those black plastic things work fine)

We’ll be meeting at Jacqueline’s farm (directions here:) at 10 am. Bring along a lunch! Topics at this month’s meeting include organizing a tour of local hives, plus discussion on feeding and early spring bee tips. Even though our bees may be flying on warmer days, they are still not out of the woods until we get some good weather and some blooms. Remember, April is known as “the starving month.” Let’s make sure all our bees that survived this frigid winter get all the way to spring!

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