My little log hive is buzzing on the infrequent nice days.

Mark your calendars for our Bee Club meeting on April 1st! We’ll be meeting at Pixie’s place. She lives at 1227 B St., Washougal, Washington. Plan to be there at 10am.

Let us know you are coming so we can set up enough chairs! We’ll be discussing Thomas Seeley’s 20-point program for raising healthy, wild bees, which I encourage you to read HERE. I’ll be bringing copies of the article if you forgot to read it online.

This article is creating quite a stir in bee circles, as it is the first time Seeley is really coming out in a public way saying that conventional beekeeping harms bees. In this article, you can see that we’ve been far ahead of the curve—thanks to Jacqueline—for years. Science is catching up with us, finally…

This wet spring is not easy for our bees. We have a bit of pollen, and a bit of blooms out there in the world, but all the wet is making the quality of this forage poor. My apple trees and pear trees have what I call “rain stain” or brown spotting on the new sprouts.

Should we be feeding right now, and if so, where and what?

Pixie has a much beloved and carefully tended “weed garden” in her backyard. We’ll get to

My three new straw hives are sealed with cow dung and ready to go when the swarms arrive.

see and ponder weeds that are needed by our bees. She always has plants and seeds if you see something you need.

Bring a lunch/snack, and let’s plan on some stimulating dialogue.

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