Bee Friends: It’s the beginning weeks of summer, and the tail end of swarm season! Come celebrate the summer with an informal potluck picnic up at Jennifer Bargar’s place in Camas for this month’s bee club meeting on July 7th.

We’ll meet at our regular time, from 10:30 to 1pm-ish. Jennifer has many hive styles, most filled with bees: Logs, BeeHaven boxes, a Cathedral hive, a Lang, top bar hives, and a skep. It’s always such an education to see how others set up their bee yards and gardens. Jen’s property includes a creek, and a large pond, with decks looking over all the bee flowers, chickens, ducks, and dogs. It’s a magical place for relaxing and telling bee stories.

Jen’s address is 27609 NE 65th St., Camas. She’s up in the hills, but I can assure you your GPS will find it!