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Your tax-deductible donations help us to reach far and wide on behalf of bees. Every dollar helps support one more class, one more article, one more lecture, one more school program. Plus, joining us has its benefits! Why not become a:

Bee Friend—A $30 donation grants automatic access to our Preservation Bee Club, which entitles you to $5 off on any of our classes, plus free activities and events. You don’t have to live close to join us. We live-stream our meetings each month on our own utube channel–a great way to bee if you don’t have a natural beekeeping club close by.

Our Club meets at 10am on the 1st Saturday of the month, at the Camas Public Library located at 625 NE 4th Ave, Camas, WA 98607. Meetings are lively and informative!


Bee Guardian— A $100 donation grants you all the privileges in the Bee Club, plus a free download of Hive Music recorded by audio engineer Robin Wise, and a free download of the e-book “Song of Increase” by founder Jacqueline Freeman.



A PBC Habitat Box currently inhabited!

Bee Haven Host—A $200 donation enables us to build and hang a Bee Haven habitat box on private or public lands. PBC works with cities, counties, and businesses to establish safe and secure nest box locations for honeybees. Of course, your donation of $200 grants you all the privileges of Bee Friends and Guardians. But as a Bee Haven Host, you also have the delight of a long-distance relationship with “your” hive! A Bee Haven Box will be branded with your name, and you will receive a photo of the Box when it is installed. Several time yearly, we will be sharing the successes and challenges  of each box with all our Hive Hosts.


Bee Steward—A donation of $500 gives you access to Bee Friend and Guardian perks, plus grants you free admission to our yearly Retreat. Join here.

PBC is staffed by volunteers, so you can be assured that every dollar you donate goes to helping the bees. Please, help become the change you want to see in the world. Contribute to our mission to help make a better world for bees (and for humans!).


Not a joiner? That’s okay.

Make a donation of any amount to our Bee Preservation mission. You’ll feel great about it, and you’ll be helping our pollinator friends.