Don’t Miss Our Annual Plant/Seed Swap!

Welcome to our annual seed/plant swap! On May 5th, 10am-noon at the Camas Library, we’ll be bringing seeds and starts for bee friendly forage!

We welcome the public and all who love bees to attend with your seedlings and seeds. We can guarantee you will meet some wonderful new neighbors, and learn to how be a better neighbor to the pollinators in your yard.

Now, to make this work, we need YOU! Please, in the next two weeks, be looking around your yard for seedlings you could share. Herbs are especially welcome!

We’ll fill our tables with all our bounty, and will all go home with dinner for our bees! Pixie LaPlante and her team of wise ones will be leading a discussion on plants bees NEED, and on how best to plant them to attract our precious pollinators. There will also be helpful handouts for successful planting. If you have questions about the event, or about what plants might be appropriate, please call Pixie at 360-550-0432. Or email her at

The swap is free, and we appreciate donations!

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