Hello Bee Friends! Here is a compilation by Karen of our recent bee club discussions at the Camas Library on May 6!

Membership Attendance: (spelling may be incorrect)
Barry Malmanger, Bill Avery, Kay Clow, Larry Clow, Margaret Kerwin, Tina Carter, Victoria
Polmatier, Sally Galligan, Mel Khailia, Janet Jorgensen, Camurine Kuter, Karen Shaw, Jennifer
Barger, Ginger Reynolds, Kelly Cowger, Deb Cochran, Susan Knilans, Jacqueline Freeman.

Announcements: Susan Knilans shared status on the non­profit and introduced Jennifer Barger
as the Program Director and her role with the Preservations Beekeeping Council. Susan also
introduced Karen Shaw as new member of the Board in the position of Treasurer and Acting
Executive Administrator. Non­profit is still in the early stages of filing forms with the state of
Washington and we are working with LegalZoom to finalize the initial paper process.

Member Introductions: Everyone in attendance introduced themselves and shared individual
interests and experience with beekeeping. We wrapped up introductions with “Humming Bee
Breath”….the use of Bhramari Pranayama. The group discussed how they felt about the
experience. One member said that she sound resonated with her like a Tibetan singing bowl.

General Discussion: Susan shared her experience with her friend Jane who is an Intuitive and
sat with Susan’s hives and spoke with her bees. The experience was recorded and Susan shared
the video with groups on FB. She talked about the mixed responses to the video. We talked
about a very spiritual yet scientific side to beekeeping and being receptive and open to the
experience which opens a door to a completely different realm of preservation beekeeping.

Jacqueline and Susan answered questions regarding hive behavior…swarms, etc. The group
spoke a bit about bee friendly plants and that at our next meeting we will bring and share bee
friendly seeds & plants. A bit of discussion about honey from hives that isn’t good for human
consumption but can be used to feed bees. If you keep the comb in the freezer it will kill pests and
used for bees as needed. Due to robber bees…food should be placed inside the hive. There was
brief discussion on the necessity of buy local bee nucs. Susan mentioned that she was sad to find
out that they are selling Hawaiian bees here. They talked about how this is creating weak hives
because they are unable to fully acclimate to our weather. Jacqueline shared her current “bee
reading list” and passed around the books to those interested in adding them to their personal
reading list.

After break there was continued discussion regarding the future efforts of Preservation
Beekeeping Council. Jennifer Barger announced that she would like the group to participate in
the Camas Days Parade in order to create a presence in the community. We talked about also
having a booth where we would hand out information and possibly sell goods for funds for the
non­profit. Susan announced that she would like a committee of people who would be interested
and organizing a presence at Farmer’s Markets, Fairs, etc. At the moment this committee with
consist of Susan Knilians, Jennifer Barger, Karen Shaw and Deb Cochran. The meeting wrapped
up with a reminder of the next meeting and plant and seed sharing. Meeting closed.