2018 Projects

We are focusing our efforts this year on several projects we believe will have lasting positive ramifications. While our website and FB pages have international scope, our projects—like bees in their colonies—are focused close to home territory.


We are working with the City of Camas Washington—our corporate home—to update their bee law in a way that will reflect the needs of hobby beekeepers and the community.


In tandem with the new bee law for Camas, the City of Camas and PBC will be partnering to have Camas designated as a “Bee City.” Bee City USA is a  national certification program in which cities declare themselves friends of pollinators, and create events, projects, and educational offerings that advance the well being of pollinators in their city limits. We hope to work also with the local Master Gardeners program to install bee-friendly flowering plants on city-owned properties.


Through the crowd-funding program, Fundrazer, we are producing, installing, and reporting on bee-friendly habitat boxes that will be installed on private and public lands to increase the availability of good, safe homes for bees. One of the first Bee Haven boxes to be installed will be at the Camas Library! These are not hives that will be opened and “managed.” They mimic the interior of a log, and will be hung in trees for bees. For more information on this fun and helpful project, see HERE.

Currently, we are working to install 10 boxes. We will use this first 10 to study the boxes, make needed innovations, and perfect this program. And we’ll be updating you as we go.


With puffs of pipe smoke, Susan moves bees up into Mt. Pleasant School’s Bee Cause observation hive.

We are partnering with Bee Cause–a national organization that provides grants to schools for bee hives— to get a block grant to install observation hives in several of the Camas Schools.



This year, we will be attending a variety of fairs and farmers markets to help educate the public on the plight of our pollinators, and on ways any citizen can help bees thrive. We are offering a limited number of school programs this year, with more in the works for 2019.

Camas is our “testing ground” for these programs, and we hope to take the success of our Camas projects into other nearby cities next year. We think global, but we will be acting local!